I’ve been shooting bondage videos for a little more than ten years now and practicing various forms of bondage in my personal life for almost an additional decade before that. When I shoot I am always looking for new ways to expand my content, whether it be new devices, new gags, or new storylines.

Over the past five years, I have really expanded into various forms of storylines, creating what I think have been really fun DiD-based tales that always result in a bound, helpless damsel is some form of distress.

Those stories have been fun to dream up and shoot and have scratched my itch to be more that just a bondage videographer and photographer. I’ve always loved the idea of being a storyteller as well.

Part of that goes back to my early days experiencing bondage for the first time and discovering the stories of John Willie, which his heroine Sweet Gwendoline always finding herself in peril–bound, gagged, and helpless.

One day I was scrolling through the site formerly known as Twitter and I found myself watching a video clip, a preview for a longer video, where the model was bound tight and heavily gagged. And then the captor’s hands found the soles of her feet and started to tickle her.

I’ve never really watched or been interested in tickling and not paid much attention to it.

Until I did.

Not only did I find it intense and erotic, it also looked like a tremendous amount of sadistic fun! I asked myself why I had never tried adding tickling to my bondage sessions. After all, it added tremendously to the look and feel of the bondage. It truly emphasized the model’s helplessness and it really scratched my sadistic itch in a very playful, but completely intense and even cruel ways.

So I thought I’d give it a try.

Which, for me, is a lot more challenging that it may seem. I started to research tickling. I bought some clips. I watched and learned. I thought about different toys and ways to restrain and tickled my new victims. I asked myself “what can I bring to this niche that might be fun and unique?”

I am still not sure I have an answer to that last question. I reached out to model friends who have been shooting this content for advice. I spoke to other producers and asked for tips and what they had learned along the way.

Everyone was generous with their time and responses and it gave me the courage to post a model call, seeing if anyone was up for a bondage and tickling shoot and much to my surprise, I had a handful of shoots lined up almost immediately!

After my first shoot, with the amazing Rebecca Vanguard, I was hooked! It was a blast. I had fun. She had fun. And we produced clips that I was really happy with. I’m in the process of editing and releasing them now.

I am sure it will be a long haul, moving into a new niche, finding a new audience, and building a new look and feel that will create a signature for Gagged Girls Tied and Tickled. But I am looking forward to the adventure and learning and growing as I find new (and old) models to tie and tickle!


I shoot bondage and fetish videos in Los Angeles, featuring beautiful girls helplessly bound and gagged. You can find all of my videos for sale at Gagged Girls. This site allows me to talk about my love of bondage and to give a bit of background information of shoots and the videos I produce.

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