When Ashley goes to the psych ward to visit her step-sister Arielle, she ends up finding herself part of her evil twin step-sister’s plot to escape.  

While she waits to visit, the entire ward goes on lockdown as it appears Arielle has managed to escape her cell.  Once on the loose, the guards are staff mistake Ashley for her escaped twin step-sister and secure her in a straitjacket while order is restored.

For months, the evil Arielle has been building a plot to trap her step-sister, planting clues in her therapy session and even managing to alter her own files and medical records, making it appear that Ashley is a delusional projection.

Once Ashley is captured, she meets Dr. Nevers and is subjected to her revolutionary new Tape Gag Therapy, which prevents Ashley from even explaining who she is or how she got there.  In fact, the more she insists that she is “Ashley” the more convinced the doctors become that she is delusional.

Ashley is kept tightly bound a straitjacket and, later, a cage and has her mouth taped shut.  She is going to be isolated, tape gagged, and subjected to intense therapy until she finally accepts her new identity and submits to her new life, taking her step-sister’s place.

Meanwhile, the evil twin finds Ashley’s clothes, cell phone, and car keys and easily makes her escape, heading back to Ashley’s old life.

Once the analysis is complete, the doctor just needs to determine whether or not Ashley’s new straitjacket and tape gag therapy will be temporary or if she needs to make it permanent.


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