Constance decides to put her money where her mouth is.  After seeing a few bondage scenes on TV, she is convinced she can get out of anything.  Her boyfriend is not so sure, so they make a bondage bet!

As she describes it: “I always think that bondage looks so phony.  I am pretty sure I could get out of anything.  And when I told my boyfriend, he wanted to make a bet.  He said he could put me in bondage and if I couldn’t get out, I’d have to be his slave for a week.  But if I could, he’d have to be my slave.  I knew I could untie any knots, but it turns out I was in for a surprise!”

Handcuffed and tape gagged with microfoam tape, it looks like it is going to be a long night for Constance!


I shoot bondage and fetish videos in Los Angeles, featuring beautiful girls helplessly bound and gagged. You can find all of my videos for sale at Gagged Girls. This site allows me to talk about my love of bondage and to give a bit of background information of shoots and the videos I produce.

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